Casino games are different from each other. While the house usually wins, some games are definitely better for the player than others. Today we are going to play these games according to their “house edge”, i.e. H. according to how much the casino wins over time.

Basically, if you can play a game with a 1% house edge, you have a MUCH greater chance of winning over time than when you play a game with a 5% house edge. Casinos regard these games as “applied math”. Smart players do that too.

How easy are these games?

Along with the house edge, we also set up a simplified list of “difficulty levels” – easy, intermediate, and difficult – that explains how easy it is to play each game properly. Basically, the harder it is to play a game correctly, the better the winnings, even if there are some exceptions.

KENO (simple)
Keno is a game in which you choose one or more numbers from a grid of 80. The house chooses 20 numbers and you get paid depending on how many matches you have. In percentage terms, this is usually the worst game in most casinos – the house edge is often between 20 and 40%.

Jumbo slot

The house edge on slot machines varies between 3% and 20%. It is largely impossible to predict from watching what a particular machine pays. In general, the higher the denomination in which you play, the better your chances of winning.


ROULETTE (easy to moderate)
The house edge in roulette depends both on the number of zeros on the wheel and the local rules. If there is both a zero and a double zero on a roulette wheel (i.e. American Roulette ), the house edge is 5.26%. If it has only a single zero (i.e. European Roulette ), the house has a 2.7% advantage. If you bet on 18 results in France (e.g. red or black, high or low, odd or even) and the ball lands on zero, your bet is “en prison” and the chances against you decrease to 1.35%.

Most roulette bets pay back the same amount; So it doesn’t take a lot of skill to decide what to bet. The skill lies in finding the game with the best rules. You don’t want to play in a 5.26% house edge game if “the same” game is offered next door with a 1.35% house edge.

BACCARAT (simple)
Baccarat offers many formats and often many additional bets. In the main game you have to bet on the ‘player’ (1.2% house edge) or the ‘bank’ (1% house edge). That’s it. The rules of whether to buy more cards or not are a little complicated, but the dealer takes care of everything. After a while you will have learned these rules. It is good to know the rules in case the dealer makes a mistake, but that happens very rarely. The most complicated thing about the game is avoiding other bets – e.g. B. betting on a tie (14% house edge) or a couple (10 or 11% house edge depending on the number of decks).

There are a few baccarat tips , but the baccarat game is an exception to the rule that the more difficult a game is to play, the worse the chances of winning.


CRAPS (simple)
Even though the craps table offers a variety of exotic betting options, it is really quite easy if you limit yourself to ‘PASS’ or ‘COME’ bets and take the full ‘odds’ (an extra bet). (You have slightly better odds if you bet on the “DON’T” side of the same bets. However, if you’re still a beginner, it’s better to go with the flow and bet like most others.) The regular house edge on these bets is 1.4%. After a throw you can take ‘odds’ (with a house edge of 0%). In percentage terms, the odds of winning against you decrease when you take odds. The higher the allowed odds, the better the chances of winning for the player.

The exotic bets on a craps table basically offer terrible chances of winning – often in the range of 10 to 17%. You should avoid this. They’re great when they win, but the odds of winning are tiny. For more craps tips please click here .


The basic blackjack strategy is to use some basic rules that guide your decisions regarding your cards and the dealer’s up card. Depending on how many decks and which rule combinations are used, there are different basic strategies.

As you can see from the sample table below, there are hundreds of combinations you need to memorize – for each basic strategy. (This particular diagram is based on 4-8 decks, and the dealer will stop at Soft 17. The diagram for a different number of decks or pulling at Soft 17 would look a little different.) However,

if you memorized the blackjack diagram , then the game itself can have a house edge of between 0.2 and 2%, depending on the rules of the game.


POKER (very difficult)
Even though poker is often played in casinos, you are not playing against the casino. You play against the other players and the house takes a small percentage of the pots (the house share) as a fee for providing the game.

If you are sufficiently better than the other players and can overcome the house share, then you can really finance a pretty good life from playing poker. That is the good news. The bad thing is that being so much better than the other players is not that easy. Some very smart players have spent thousands of hours learning and training poker to be particularly savvy .

If you sit down at a table with them, good luck! You can beat them with ease if they get good cards. And you can beat them often when they get bad cards.

When counting cards , it is important to keep an eye on the ratio of the high cards played (tens and aces) to the low cards played (2-6). If particularly high cards have not yet been played, the chances of winning are more with the player and he can bet more and use a certain strategy. If particularly low cards are outstanding, the player bets the table minimum (or he leaves the table). Depending on how good the player is and depending on the rules of the game, you can take advantage of this by up to 2%.

So it’s pretty easy for casinos to find out what you’re doing. Card counting is allowed in most jurisdictions, but not all. Most casinos are allowed to throw you out if you think you are counting cards. So don’t make mistakes in blackjack .

horse race

SPORTS OR RACING (difficult)
In sports betting , one has to determine the likelihood that a team, person or animal will defeat another or another in any competition. There is more to it than just knowing who will win. This includes the “price” – you have to pay more when betting on a favorite to win less, or you can pay less when betting on an outsider to win more. Bookmakers are very good at setting a limit. So it doesn’t matter who really wins, the bookmakers get along well. If your handicap is better than that of the bookmaker, then you can make really good money with sports betting. But not many people are successful with it.

VIDEO POKER (difficult)
This is my game. In video poker you have to find out how much each machine pays back if the game is perfect (this is not that difficult if you have software for it); learn the best game strategy for every possible hand given to you (this may take some time and each player has different ways to learn a perfect game); find out how much the player clubs will pay you back (sometimes that’s easy, sometimes not); and check which promotions are currently valid (this is time consuming if you check multiple casinos, but not difficult).

If you’ve done that and the sum of all these things is more than 100% (which happens every now and then), then you have to sit down and play – and survive the fluctuations in your balance.

Every video poker game is different, but there are some common video poker tips . They don’t play Deuces Wild like Double Double Bonus or Jacks or Better. In fact, every payment scheme is different.

For example, in a game like Double Bonus, For example, if you get 25 coins for a straight, you play many hands differently than if you only got 20 coins for a straight.
These things can all be learned, but it takes time and practice. If you want to be a good video poker player, plan on having to work hard and pay everything to get good.

House edge – percentage

Are these all the games that are available in a casino? No. There are thousands of different games that are offered in some casinos every now and then. But the games listed here are mostly offered in most casinos.